- Judika Illes

May 18, 19 & 20 2018                              HOLY ROSE WORKSHOPS 

Working with the Spirits of the Sea

Sun May 20th 430 - 630pm

            The sea is the mystical realm of magic, mystery, great wealth and power. In some cosmologies, it’s also associated with the afterlife.  International mythologies recount encounters with sea spirits of all kinds, from mermaids and mermen to selkies (seal people) and the deadly water horses of the Scottish Hebrides. Among the most beloved deities of all are the queens and kings of the sea, those magnificent sacred beings who rule the seas and everything that goes on within, on, and near them.  The siren call of these spirits and of the sea herself creates a profound resonance for so many of us.

            Join author Judika Illes at The Holy Rose for a workshop devoted to the Spirits of the Sea. Among the deities we’ll discuss are Aphrodite and Amphitrite, Yemaya and Olokun, La Sirène and Agwé, Poseidon and Manannan, Aegir and Ran. It’s impossible to discuss seas without rivers and so we’ll talk about some of their fresh water compatriots, too, including Oshun and the Irish river goddesses. Get to know these powerful deities, whose kingdoms include the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, Baltic, and Caribbean seas. We’ll learn to work with them, invoke them, and honor them. Spells and rituals will be discussed. The class will feature a guided visualization that takes you safely beneath the waves.



Goddesses and Saints of the Rose

Saturday 19th 630 - 930pm

            Wherever they bloom, roses are recognized as among the most potent magical flowers and are especially associated with feminine power. Roses are the components of many spells, as well as healing remedies. They are the favored offering of many deities. However, there are also goddesses and female saints who are specifically associated with the power of the rose. These include the goddesses Juno, Aphrodite, and Persia’s Anahita, also beloved in Armenia where she is known as Vardavar, the Bearer of Roses. Miracles involving roses are associated with some of the most powerful and goddess-like female saints, especially Elizabeth of Hungary and her niece Isabel of Portugal, Guadalupe, Therese of Lisieux, Rita, and the once-renowned but now obscure Casilda and Dorothy.

            In this workshop, we’ll discuss the magic powers of the rose, its use in spell work and spiritual devotion. We’ll get to know these goddesses and saints and learn how and why to work with them. The class will also include a guided visualization to the Realm of Roses.

Up Comming 2018 

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        Free Book Signing  Friday 18th 4-6pm!            

$45.00 per class or $80.00 for both days!

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