Priestess Roses’ services include.

Custom Candles/Seven Day Glass/Herbed Oil Infused Pillars

Prices $25 and up.

Custom Spell Kits

Prices based on the depth of the work.

Custom Powders/Baths/Salts/Oils

Prices $35.00 and up. (These are sizable Jars not single use)


When desiring custom work

an appointment must be made for an initial consultation.
Either in person or by phone. I will not consult via email. The cost of the consultation is $50 and must be paid at time of booking appointment. At this time I will assess whether or not I can be of assistance to you. If we feel that its favorable to move forward with your request then we will discuss cost in doing so. And all fees must be paid in full prior to creation.

I will not do the work for you. But upon completion of creation we will again either meet in person or via a phone appointment and I will go over with you step by step the instructions (which you will also get in writing).

To make sure you move forward with confidence.

Please note I will not Hex, Curse, or otherwise cause harm to anyone or thing…to include breaking people up for my own personal reasons. Please do not ask.

Please also note that no work is guaranteed and refunds are not negotiable.