Jared Henderson 

​Jenna is a lover, life-liver and herbalist that has become enthralled with spirituality. She finds meditation in movement, and is always dancing to the beat of the Earth’s heart. She is knowledgeable about health, plants, essential oils and herbs that can help the body, mind and spirit in many ways. Her spiritual reality is a conglomeration of findings from a multitude of religions, backgrounds and ideologies. She has grown up in a Christian home, and has been educated in a variety of indigenous native traditions, and is increasingly resonating with Hindu and Buddhist teachings. She loves to use nature and the power of animals in her practice. She believes in listening to things that do not speak your language.  She believes there is something to learn from everything and everyone, and she strives to be like the sun, shining light toward everyone, dimming for none. She seeks to break down judgment of others in her own mind by making herself the “least of these” in order to elevate others and make them unjudgeable to her own mind. She seeks to see the beauty of a pile of dung, just as she sees the beauty of a sunflower.  She seeks to aid in the interconnectedness of the universe by being her unique, unabashed self and love everyone, as she believes that is what every being is called to do for their personal evolution as well all of us tapping into universal collective consciousness. She gifted with touch, and reiki-style healing through energy clearing and transfer, namely through her hands. She also loves to listen to others and what they have been through in order to ever add to her compassion and understanding  of every other being, as well as let the other be released of that emotion. She is taking Yoga teacher training at an ashram this year to tap into this avenue of healing, both for herself and to better heal others. Jenna is a learner and life-liver grateful to be loving existence here in Raleigh, NC.

Meet  Jared Henderson, born in New York he is an  Animal Healer, Druidic practitioner & Alchemist.

"For a man without faith will no longer be true and mind without purpose will walk in dark places!"