Rev. John Henderson

​Ancient Temple Readings

​Throughout my world travels
​I have been extremely fortunate to have some of the most wonderful,
brave and enchanted teachers of esoteric numbering in the world.
 Through my study’s with the Magi’s of Persia to a Goddess of Japan I have learned that no amount of titles or certificates defines us or who we will become. 
I am humbled by the ability to read for you but I am more humbled by what you teach me. 
​ We are born, a number is born with us.  Numbers are alive, energy, vibrations as a means to send a signal or identity.
The vibration of your life is now in motion as you planed it.  All letters of your name are sequences of a number code & vibration; as is your home, the way you travel, prosperity, time, identification, food, emotions, colors, air, life and even death all have code or divine vibration. Numbers simply put are vibrations, energy potentialities of time and space.
This is your grid or secret code.  Reline your matrix and unlock the secrets of your life.  Learn your numbers and touch back with your higher self
to remember your souls path.
The agreement you made with the stars. We are no longer bound to 3 dimensional 5 sensory lives.  My study of The Divine Triangle is the use of Esoteric Numerology & Astrology. It also incorporates principals of Alchemy and the Tarot.

I have three Ancient Temple Readings

1.  A 12 month reading of past, present, future. 
This reading takes about an 1.5 Hour. 
Recommended for Adults 21 to 27 &
beginners of the journey to self discovery! 

2.  A full and comprehensive reading that take a journey from
Birth to Age 81. 
 This detailed reading takes about three full hours 

and is only done only once in a lifetime.
Recommended for Adults age 27+ &
 only those adept or ready to be awakened.  
It covers all facets of Birth, life & death.

3.  A Home Reading.  

Find out how the energy of your home can
effect you and your life.

This can be added to the above two reading for a cost
of $25.00 or can be done by itself the cost is $50.00.

​    Love & Light John 

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John is a Numerologist & Renegade member of the family of light. Systems buster, available for altering systems of consciousness with-in the free will Universe - On Call! 

-Tomiko Smith