Its that time of year again!!!! The excitement is building for the 4th annual Witches High Tea here at The Holy Rose! Priestess Rose will be hosting another enchanting event with cohost famed author, Witch, and friend, Judika Illes! 

Those of you that have attended in years past know this event is three days of spellbinding classes and fun ending with the actual Samhain High Tea and lecture. 
Its full regalia people so get those imaginations fired up and come in your finest! An incredible prize  will be awarded for Best Witch Hat and Best Broom during the Samhain High Tea!

Fabulous decorations, delectable food, tempting teas served in vintage china and fine silver, treats and a very special door prize for each person attending the High Tea, are featured. Not to mention networking with some really cool Witches from near and far (and who doesn't want to hang with Judika and Rose for an afternoon?) This event sells out every year and seats are limited so don't wait...Call the shop or come on in and book your spot for the Triangles one and only Witches Samhain High Tea!

Details on this years featured classes, packages and prices, times and dates below!
This is sure to be the best Witches Samhain High Tea yet! Don’t miss it!



#1 The Blood Countess:

​Learn to cast spells like the Blood Countess.
Mention the “Blood Countess” and everyone knows exactly who you mean. Countess Erzsebet Bàthory (her first name translates as Elizabeth in English) is commonly vilified as the most prolific female serial killer in history. Was she? Many also believe her to be either a vampire, werewolf, or witch. Join author Judika Illes as we explore the history of this controversial and notorious woman. Judika’s grandmother was born in the shadow of Cachtice Castle, home of Countess Bàthory, and the alleged scene of many of her crimes. In this class, we will discuss actual spells used by the Countess, as well as the magical traditions from which they derive.


#2 Crossroads and Threshold Magic

​Some of the most powerful locations for casting spells and working your magic are simultaneously remote and omni-present. Magical energy is concentrated at crossroads and thresholds. Transcending traffic intersections and doorways, these are places of power, potency, and, not least, opportunity. Crossroads and thresholds are among the most magically accessible places to heal ourselves, empower ourselves, liberate ourselves from the chains that bind us, and overcome obstacles in our paths.
​Crossroads and thresholds epitomize magical power--- simultaneously exhilarating and potentially dangerous. They are where you can best access and develop the magical power that lurks within you. In this workshop with author Judika Illes, we’ll discuss how to recognize, access, and create these places of power. (No roadbuilding or construction tools needed.) We’ll encounter the spirits and sacred beings associated with crossroads and thresholds from Papa Legba to the djinn, Hekate to Hermes. We’ll learn specific divination methods associated with these locales, as well as spells best cast there including for spiritual cleansing and protection, improved luck, healing, love, and enhanced psychic power. This class incorporates a guided visualization.



A Real Witches’ Brew: The Magical Properties of Tea
​Potion of potions! Brew of brews! It’s well known that tea, the enchanted elixir brewed from the leaves of Camelia sinensis, transmits a multitude of therapeutic benefits, but it’s also a magical potion extraordinaire. For many devotees of this venerable beverage, like author Judika Illes, a cup of tea is more than just a pick-me-up, it’s a mystical experience. Join Judika for a discussion of tea’s long, mysterious, magical history. We’ll discuss tea’s esoteric powers and its spiritual associations with various sacred beings: goddesses and saints and we’ll get to partake in some of tea’s magic, too.

OCT 19th - 20th - 21st 

Prices and Packages 

The Orange


Sunday 21st Class & Witches High Tea

The Gold


​Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st & Witches High Tea

The Black


Friday 19th - ​Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st


The Witches High Tea

Individual  $50.00 per class!

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