The Holy Rose Products

The Holy Rose is an actual Brick and Mortar Spiritual Supply st ore that specializes in hand crafted original wares and unique supplies. Our handcrafted candles and spell/ritual kits and baths are unique to The Holy Rose and not offered anywhere else in the country as I craft them myself from ancient formulas handed down to me and from formulas I have created myself over 30+ years of practice, trial, and error, until they reached working perfection. Our spiritual waters, oils, inks, and floor washes are created by personal friends of mine whom are also very skilled practitioners in their own right from local Voodoo initiates to Louisianan Bayou Witches, to Angelic Mystics…and each one of them holds my utmost respect in their field of knowledge and integrity of their practice.

We carry anywhere from 90-100 kinds of herbs, roots, and or powders depending on season ability. And they are either organic or wild crafted. I know what country each of them comes from and guarantee none are from China. The Wild Crafted are all obtained by well known to me practitioners who harvest and handle them with great care. Rose petals and buds offered are from my own Rose Garden when in season.

We offer over 120 kinds of crystals from the simple to the rare. We specialize in Madagascar and Peruvian crystals that we choose by hand. We also offer beauties from Mexico, Russia, India, Dominican Republic, Europe, and the USA. We do not sell crystals from China. We only offer A-AAA grade crystals which can make them a bit pricier but the quality is unmistakable. We know our crystal dealers personally and the integrity of their product is exceptional.

We also offer a huge variety of incense, resins, burning powders, sages, Palo Santo, feathers, shells, Himalayan Salt lamps, bowls, bars and candle holders for clearing and charging your home, working, and sacred spaces. We are also the sole dealers of Hand Crafted Roseberry Bog of Ireland, Bog Oak Wands, Staffs, burning chips, and amulets in the USA.

An ever changing, vast variety of esoteric books, Tarot cards, Oracle decks, Lenormand, leather journals, books of shadow, statuary featuring: icons, deities and angels, hand crafted jewelry, Alchemy of England, Victorian Trading Co. Fine art by local artist can be found for sale upon our walls as well as Gallery wrapped, original, signed and dated artist proofs by Tarot Illuninati and Tarot Apokolypsis creator Erik C. Dunn.

Within The Holy Rose we carry over 7000 different items and cannot possibly list them all. But when ever you

are in question a simple call to the shop can tell you if we have what you are looking for.