Greetings blessed one!  

I am Priestess Rose.

Creator and Owner of The Holy Rose.

I have taken great pride in creating the shop that I always wished to find, but never did, as I grew up through my studies and growth in my magical life.

 I was trained in the ancient arts growing up as is tradition until age 21. And by no means was my learning complete at that time, but it is then that we are told that from that point on we were to focus on and create the path of self. It was then that I found my first metaphysical book store and discovered that there were more like me out in the world.  I found on one hand a huge freedom in being able to dance through many a teachers and mentors of various traditions and practices who graced my path along the way over many years. But also a resentment from many because of my freedom and refusal to pigeonhole myself into an “ironclad dogmatic tradition”.

 I found great peace within the Priestess-hood of The Rose for many years, in which much of my spiritual practice is built. But I am a rebellious spirit and that together with the Gypsy blood that pumps through my veins pushing me ever forward, whispered to me that I must keep looking, learning, exploring, searching, and growing. . I have studied and followed the Ancient Egyptian Path of Auset, I have followed the Ancient Northern Way of Frejya of The Black Sword Hand, studied Wicca for a brief time but it did not speak to me. It is my own path that calls my name. I do not need ego streaking titles to make me feel complete and so I will not name any here. I walk through life with an open mind and open heart knowing that if I ever get to the point where I think I know everything, its time to start over because I essentially have learned nothing. One of the most profound statements any mentor has ever made to me was “It is those who label themselves as teachers, that have the most to learn.” I am a student of life for life and not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new. What a gift!


I am completely self taught where readings are concerned. I created my own spreads, I mixed card decks, threw in crystals and calling in spirits and guides, when nothing I found amidst the thousands of card decks and instructors spoke to me. I remembered my training of my younger years and with this too I created my own path. The readings I do today have been evolving since I was 21 years old. I use over 15 different decks depending on my client and what the spirits direct me towards is different for every client. No two readings are alike. There is no script. There is no dogmatic, one size fits all reading.


Within the time you spend with me for a reading we will explore, learn, and grow together.

We will examine where you are in your path, what may be coming towards you, what actions you may need to take (and ways to take them) what may be blocking your progression, and where….if you do the work we discus…you will most likely find yourself in the next six months.

My readings are designed to empower, lift your vibration, and release you from the chains holding you down, so that you may move forward on your unique path with confidence. My goal in reading for you is to get you to a point where you don’t need me anymore. Not to make you a slave to them so that you feel you cant make a decision without consulting me. They are to get you in touch with your own inner knowing, inner voice, and connection to the divine so that you may too be free. To read for someone is an honor and a great responsibility that I behold with great joy. I look forward to our time together.

One in Peace, Love, and Spirit.

Priestess Rose 

Sessions with me are 90 minutes and cost $125.00

Additional time may be added at an additional cost.

You can book your session 7 days a week by calling the shop.


during business hours.

Sessions are very limited and I tend to book about one month in advance.

Ask for times available.

A $50.00 Non refundable deposit is required at time of booking.

If you must change your appointment please be respectful of my time and do so at least 24 hours ahead of time. As I would do respectfully for you.

Cancelations and no shows result in loss of deposit.

No exceptions.

Oracle Readings with Priestess Rose

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