"The 9 Rays"

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Store Policy
The Holy Rose is a place of peace and as such, it is our goal to accommodate diversified needs from our community.  In an effort to provide a quiet place as well as space for collaborative work, we have designated the store as a Quiet Zone, so individual’s can study, shop and read in peace. It is our hope that in providing a quiet and peaceful store, we will give the community not just a great peaceful store to shop but a retreat or sanctuary from the chaos of the outside world.
Quiet Zone Please!

No Picturs.
Turn cell phones ringer to silent.
Take phone conversations outside.
No Smoking or Vapping.
No Fire Arms.
Leave Backpacks at the desk.
No one under the Age of 18 I.D. required.
No Strollers.
No Food or Drink.
You must be quite & respectful of the store and its patrons.
No Soliciting or loitering.

*Special note; CAUTION this is not a place for children or anyone under the age of 18. There are open flames, chocking hazards, expensive products, poison herbs, oils and products low and on the floors.  Enter at your own risk. The Holy Rose is not responsible for you, and will ask anyone to leave if not being respectful or underage. I.D. checks are enforced and will be required.

Be Enchanted !

Roses Crystal Shop Now Open!

Crystals - Minerals - Meteorites - Gemstones 

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Monday - Friday: 1100am - 700pm
 Saturday:  1100am - 600pm
Sunday: 1100pm - 400pm
311 Blake St.

"Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable."

-Paramahansa Yogananda

The Holy Rose 

 Crystal Shop, Spiritual Supply Store & Witchery !

 If you can't make it in just give us a call with your needs and we will mail to you.  

The Holy Rose was created to benefit the entire community, regardless of one's spiritual belief or religious practice. We have Books, Herbs, Metaphysical Item's, Readers, Tarot, Crystals, Spell Bags, Candles, Voodoo, Oils, Hoodoo, Root Work, Reiki, and Healing.

Located on the charming cobblestone streets of Raleighs Historic City Market at 311 Blake street, The Holy Rose is celebrating its fifth year in business and we couldn’t be happier! For all of those whom have been with us through out this crazy ride our heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude to you! And for those of you who have yet to discover our little gem in the heart of the city, walk through the red doors and be transported into a world of enchantment and expansion that will beckon you to leave the mundane world outside and explore the world of spirit, magic, and healing.  We offer not only the largest and highest quality crystal selection in the triangle but knowledgeable staff that can guide you to what you seek and how to use it. From over 100 herbs, to hand made 7 day, pillar, votive, and crystal candles, working oils, spiritual baths, mojo bags, house clearing items, kits, essential oils, as well as supplies for your magical and or healing practices. Original, gorgeous hand made Voodoo Dolls. Documented and certified Bog Oak wands and products. Statuary from Angelic to Ancient Egyptian, Norse, Celtic and more. We have the largest Tarot and Oracle selection in the triangle as well as hundreds of books on a vast and diverse number of topics all geared towards connection to your Divine self. We offer all of this and more all within a safe, ADULT ONLY, cell phone free, peaceful atmosphere in which to explore to your hearts desire.
If you’re looking to search deeper Ancient Temple readings and Spiritual Pathway readings are available by appointment with John or Rose Henderson in the private grotto as well as Spiritual Council and and Magical Consultations. Details are provided on the web sight.
It is our mission at The Holy Rose to make sure everyone who enters searching leaves with the answers they were looking for or at least a clear idea on how to find them. As a family business we take great pride in what we do and what we offer to our customers and clients.  It is important to us that all who enter feeling alone and defeated leave feeling empowered and positive and that there is always hope and healing to be found within our doors. It is our mission to hold space for all who seek the light of truth and expansion of spirit. Please come visit us to see for yourself and be enchanted. We’re opened seven days a week.

One in Peace, Love and Spirit.  -Rose-